Car Manufacturing and Welding

Car Manufacturing and Welding

The biggest manufacturers in the world are the Automobile manufacturers, and automobiles has become very important to the world for transportation and in most countries it is a necessity, but without welding there would be no such thing as a car. Cars stay together with the chasis and the chasis is made of 100% metal and the whole chassis is welded together. What the chassis is its basically the frame and the shell of the car and if it is not welded good together it makes for an un-safe car.

Now with so many cars being manufactured they have built new laser welding robots that do the easier and quicker, the cars would run on a conveor belt like thing and the robots would constantly weld the cars the right and perfect way all the time. “With the new robots we make 4 times the cars as we made without them, these are also machines that have to be run by qualified welders” (Johns). This shows how important welding really is because if you think about the world and suddenly there was no cars then people would be out of work and they would have no transportation at all. It is not just cars every king of transport you can think of welding is an essential.

Cars are an essential to any working persons life and pretty much to any moving person. For people especially in America who do not want to walk anywhere or who do not want to run anywhere cars are essential. If there was no cars in the world the world would be no where near far advanced as it is now. People could not work, go to school or just go to play soccer. With out welding this is what the world would be like, it would be like the stone age. Businesses would be only able to work in a small region as imports and exports would not be able to happen as pretty much any Transportation system is put together by welds.

One of the first form of long distance transportation was the Train which is just a big heep of metal that runs on metal tracks all of which was welded together at one point. With trains been so important back in the early 1900 for imports and transport the trade of welding was such an important trade because just like the car most of the train is welded together and the track which the train runs on is all welded toget to make a strong and safe track so the train does not derail and crash. It is such an important job to weld train tracks as there is a specific way and if you do no do it write the train can de-rail easily. ” It may look as if train tracks just sit together but if they were not welded together they would not be even and would be moving like crazy” (Johns). Johns explains that welding may not been seen in the track but it is essential for the train tracks to function.

Imports and Exports would not even be words in the Dictionary if it was not for welding. The 2 biggest forms of imports and exports these days are plains and ships. Plains are built identical to cars as they have a chassis under the body of the car which connect together by welding thus making the plain what it is today. Plains are like 69% metal and welding is the only form of connecting a piece of metal to another piece of metal. ” A ship all it is, is a big heep of metal”. (Forestaff) When describing what a ship is that is what Forestaff described it as which it is. A ships body and under body is all held together by metal which in hand is held together by welding. People wonder how do ships float in water if all it is, is metal. The answer is that the shape of the ship is the way it keeps it afloat and the way the ship is weld together. Without welding you would not be able to get the ship into the ship it is. You need very strong welds all over the ship and you have to do it the perfect way and in the perfect position. Ship welders are the most highly trained welders in the world and because of this they make a lot of money and without them there would be no ships which would cause carnage for businesses who need to import or export and this leaving them to just do business in there own area.All these things come together.Businesses would fold if they could not import or export to other countries or even between there own counties. For any businesses success transport is the biggest factor so without welding here is no transportation system and that means no business.