Welding Jobs: Outlaw Welding! Are You Deaf? Can’t Read or Write? Make $100k – No Schooling Required!

Welding Jobs: Outlaw Welding! Are You Deaf? Can’t Read or Write? Make $100k – No Schooling Required!

You can head over to your local Junior College or private welding school and be a structural welder in 6 months to a year.

You can spend another year learning additional processes. When you are done, you will be ready for a job that pays between $10 and $15 an hour (unless you catch a break and get into a union – then you might make $21 an hour). That is a lot of education and not much money at the end the trail. Meanwhile, there are people taking ethical, legitimate short cuts utilizing secrets, tips and tricks to make $100k welding – first year…

Can a deaf person who can’t read or write and who has no formal welding education really make $100k a year?

Yes. How? Welding is NOT an exercise in book learning. It is a hand-eye skill like pitching a baseball. Let me ask you – if you wanted to learn to pitch a baseball, how would you do it?

Would you study everything about the ball itself, how it was constructed, where the leather came from and how it was processed? Next, would step on the pitcher’s mound once a day and throw a ball or two just to see if that would make you star pitcher? No, you wouldn’t – you would get out there and pitch and pitch and pitch – right?

We are all familiar with the “child prodigy” – you know, the four year old who can play a violin or the piano and have the entire audience giving standing ovations – you have seen this on You Tube, or some place, I’m sure.

Most 4 year olds can’t read or write (at least not very well).

Those that do become star musicians at four years old are not deaf because it is hard to play music when you are deaf (although Beethoven was deaf). My point is, no four-year- old becomes a great musician because they are super good at reading and writing.

How DO they do it?

Yes, they practice – a lot. They don’t just do any kind of practice – they do perfect practice because only practicing correctly will make them experts in their hand eye skill with the instrument of their choice (or rather the choice of their parents).

In fact, a recent popular book looked at the science behind “Star Performers” in many fields of endeavor. Guess what? The book concluded there is no such thing as “Natural born” anything when it comes to learned skills.

Yes, it is true that if you are born 6’6″ 350 pounds you will have an advantage over others who want to be football linemen. And yes, singers are born with a singing voice. However, other than a few exceptions – star performers of all kinds are NOT BORN – they are built by tenacity and practice.

What the HECK has this got to do with welding for $100,000 a year?

It has a lot to do with it – please stay with me. We now have the basics:

Outlaw Welding Basics # 1:

Like the child prodigy you must know that your practice is correct (otherwise, you’ll get really good at bad welding, right)?

Outlaw Welding Basics # 2:

You have to stop being distracted by everything else around you. You can’t stick your nose in a welding book or watch a bunch of different and maybe incorrect videos thinking that will make you a welder – it won’t.

Outlaw Welding Basics # 3:

You MUST start with the right process – (the ONE that will pay the most in the industry) – and you must practice the ONE welding position while welding on the ONE material (both of which pay the most in the industry). WHY in the World would you screw around doing anything else?

What Process, Position and Material should you focus on?

You should FOCUS like a laser on the stick or SMAW welding process. The position is 6G and material is pipe. Why?

6G is welding an open root joint on a pipe test joint mounted on a stand in a fixed position at 45 degrees. Stick welding is the process your granddad used to weld Liberty Ships in World War ll. And yes, today – in the “age of technology” it is still “King” of pipe. And Pipe is King of materials. Why?

An oil boom started in the USA (quietly) in 2006.

It is getting loud – real loud. The USA has Trillions (with a “T”) in gas in oil in the ground – and it is because of technology that it is being extracted. However, once out of the ground, both oil and gas must be transported. Yes, ships and trains and trucks do the job at first, but as an oil field grows (and as soon as possible) the pipelines must be built (even if President Obama doesn’t like it).

The scale and magnitude of the oil and gas revolution cannot be understated.

This article has nothing to do with politics, global warming or solar or wind energy. It has to do with reality and your career possibilities if you are willing to “Go Outlaw” in welding.

With that said, I will tell you that all the solar, wind and global warming talk has the general public thinking that is “all over” for gas and oil. NOTHING could be further from the truth. Gas and oil is where you want your career to be for the next 20 years – and you’ll get rich if you can weld pipe.

Where is the ONE place a Rebel can really win?

That place is welding pipe. In 1954 Marlon Brando made a movie called: “REBEL WITHOUT A CAUSE.” In the movie a reporter asked him, “What are you rebelling against?” Brando, (while sitting on his motorcycle) said: “What ya got?” LOL!

You are not Brando and this is not 1954, but you can be a rebel and win when you teach yourself pipe welding at home. Sure, your welding instructor will say you and I are nuts.

Can you explain to me why it is considered sane to go to school 6 months a year to get out and make $10 an hour?

Look, sign wavers at the local intersection where you live make $10 an hour and get a work out in the bargain! Did they spend a year at sign waving school? I don’t think so.

Where can you go to pipe welding school?

There is only one pipe welding school that will take you from a non welder to pipe welding in 60 days or less. That one school is called YOU INC. You can do it at home – your really can. How?

You can buy the right used welder on Craigslist. Buy some pipe cut-offs. Build a simple stand. Prepare the joints, get the right rod and start welding (but please, learn welding safety BEFORE you weld).

Is it really that simple?

Nothing worth doing is simple – but many things that are made out to be a big deal are not as complicated as they are made out to be.

AND it doesn’t matter if you are deaf and can’t read or write – really – the skill that matters with pipe welding is concentration, focus, determination, tenacity and a burning desire to succeed.


Who can weld pipe? A welding inspector cannot weld pipe. A welding engineer with four years of college cannot weld pipe. A structural welder cannot weld pipe. ONLY a pipe welder can weld pipe. And guess what? No one cares if a pipe welder can do anything else. Pipe welders wait in the truck while “others” prepare the joint (you can’t afford to risk your magic hands).

What should you do next?

You can SKIP welding school and teach yourself to be a 6G pipe welder at home, in eight weeks or less, even if you have never welded in your life. Discover the secrets revealed in: “The $100K Welder” eBook and course will give you step by step instructions. Check out: http://www.HowToGetWeldingJobs.com. Look, go to my website, sign up for my free newsletter about pipe welding – and call me on my personal cell. Tell me about you. I’ll help you figure out your next career move – and I promise – I mean it – I WILL NOT sell you anything! It is FREE! Talk to me for 20 minutes – it can change your LIFE! No, I am NOT going to change your life – your life may change because of the information I will share with you – it is that simple.

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