Welding Types and Important Accessories

A process to join metals together by liquefying them and utilizing a filler to connect the parts is called welding. In order to weld metals, you require a blend of high heat as well as pressure. In those days, around 2000 B.C. the same process used to be called forge welding. In this particular process metals are hammered in high temperature so that they can be fused easily.

In these days similar practice is being carried out but only by blacksmiths. As there are many techniques introduced with the commencement of electricity, people have also urbanized their way of working. Some of the novel techniques are Arc, Resistance and Gas welding. Nowadays various resources of electricity are being used for fusing process such as electric voltage, laser, gas light, electronic grin, friction and particular sound.

Arc welding
Most of the welders are preferred to use the technique of arc or stick welding. This is the method in which economical tools are used and a constant flow of alternating current or direct current is required with continuous energy.

Fusion is carried out by an electric arc connecting the base material as well as the electrode and metal is melted while joining. Shielding gas look after the part and the job is made quickly. As this process involves a high absorption of heat, so the distortion is very less. This method has different kind of processes such as gas metal arc, shielded metal arc, submerged arc and gas tungsten arc.

Resistance welding
This is one of the most expensive techniques as it requires precious equipments. That’s why people are not able to use this method in every situation. In this process extra metal’s sheets are used to cover the portions that have to be joined together.

Gas welding
This is one of the techniques which are usually used for renovation work. It is an ideal method for those materials that cannot survive in high heat. This process is often used to repair plastics material, pipes & tubes and making jewelry etc.

There is one latest technique called laser welding has introduced and it is very fast method. This process is also known as energy beam welding and it gives perfect accuracy. However this method is too expensive, thus not ideal for all purposes.

Safety is major concern, hence it is very important for the welder to be careful during the entire process of welding. Welders have to wear some of the essential accessories such as helmet, gloves and a heavy coat. All these gears are like safety measure to their face as well as body. There are chances for eyes to get injured if they don’t defend their eyes while seeing the arc.

The smoke that comes during the fusing process is highly toxic for human being. Welder has to face electric shock or burns, so extra care must be taken by them while welding.